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Dr. Laura Agnew, D.C.


Dr. Laura Agnew, DC

Dr. Agnew attended Life Chiropractic College West where she earned her doctorate of chiropractic and has been practicing in Marin County since 2010.

She became a chiropractor because of her profound experience with chiropractic as a child. From the age of 18 months old, she began suffering from severe and frequent ear infections and had tubes put in her ears at 5 years old while prescribed round after round of antibiotics each time she was afflicted. When the infections continued and conventional medicine failed to stop the ear infections, her parents took her to a chiropractor. After beginning care, she no longer experienced the ear infections. Chiropractic care decreased the inflammation in her neck and allowed for proper drainage of the fluid in her ear. The adjustments also stimulated her immune system so that she could fight infections better.

Dr. Agnew understands how important it is for all people to be under chiropractic care to increase there overall health for a better quality of life, starting from her own personal experience and now, the great success she has with her own patients. She treats people of all ages from new born babies to senior citizens. She began adjusting her own daughters hours after their births and wishes for all children to have such a great start at life.

Dr. Agnew also attends regular post graduate education to improve her clinical skills in order to better serve her patients. She also wishes to share the miracle of chiropractic care with the world, as she participated in a chiropractic mission trip to Cambodia, joined with a team of chiropractors that served over a thousand impoverished children and families at orphanages, rural villages and the city of Phnom Penh. She has also served locally at Whistlestop and San Quentin State Prison.

In her free time, Dr. Agnew loves to travel, dance salsa and spend quality time with her husband and daughters.

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